Family Dispute Resolution


I am available to provide family mediation, family med-arb and family arbitration services for people with family disputes.

I provide these services as a neutral and I do not provide legal advice or represent parties in any family law proceedings.

Please note that because of the nature of my work, I see people only by appointment and not on a drop-in basis.

Law Society accredited Family Law Arbitrator, Family Law Mediator

Screening: All participants in family dispute resolution are required to participate in intimate partner violence screening.  This is required by the Family Law Act. In med-arb and arbitration matters I usually use another person as a screener to protect my independence in any decision making process.

Costs: There are costs to be screened for a family dispute resolution process. There are fees and disbursements that you will have to pay for my involvement.

Identification: You must bring two pieces of identification with you to any meeting with myself or the screener.